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Welcome to the Obedience Challenge!


The Obedience Challenge is a 90 Day spiritual growth challenge. It asks the question, "What if you obeyed Jesus for 90 days?" It features a 90 day Gospels Bible reading plan, with a special focus on the 48 commands of Jesus in the New Testament. Want to find out more about this challenge for yourself or your church? Click a button above to get started. 

What is the
Obedience Challenge?

Obedience Challenge Workbook for disciple-making

The Gospels Reading Plan & Journal workbook

Don't just listen to a podcast about obeying Jesus. Instead, experience a 90 day discipleship journey of obedience. The Journal is a 96-page PDF workbook on obeying the commands of Jesus. It can be purchased for individual study or licensed for use in churches.

screenshot of a discipleship training video

Guided prayer experience

Each day of the Obedience Challenge has a guided prayer experience, giving you specific, dedicated time to pray and meditate over how you can obey the commands of Jesus. What if you prayed 5 minutes each day seeking deeper levels of sanctification?

Obedience challenge available on mobile

Daily teaching & resources

Christian theology should be clear, inspiring and biblical. Come along as we focus on Christ's commands, what they mean, and learn how God invites us into a deeper walk with him through joyful obedience to King Jesus!

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Church discipleship campaign

The Obedience Challenge is available as a discipleship experience for individuals, but it best experienced as a church-wide campaign, to enable small or large churches and their pastors to pursue deep discipleship TOGETHER. This valuable Bible study on discipleship comes with:

  • a 90 day Bible reading plan thru the Gospels

  • a 96 page workbook with journaling space

  • daily 2-4 minute teaching videos

  • a daily guided prayer experience for new Christians

  • online tools and resources

The Obedience Challenge is one step of the discipleship pathway that is taught by Pastor Darrell Stetler II. 

To find out about how you can license the Obedience Challenge for your church or Bible study group, click below:





Daily videos on

the commands of Jesus

page spiritual life journal PDF

Minutes of daily Bible teaching


minutes daily guided prayer


Obedience Challenge Personal Spiritual Growth Journey

For many Christians today, discipleship is an afterthought. Dallas Willard once said, "Undiscipleship is the dirty little secret of American Christianity." That's too true! Being a Christian is more than some "eternal fire insurance," it's meaningful commitment to learn about Jesus for the purpose of copying him. Discipleship is a full commitment to "become who Jesus would be if we was you." (Willard)

Don't sit there any longer in casual Christianity! Instead, take seriously the call of Jesus to "obey everything I have commanded you." To start your spiritual growth journey today, get the Obedience Challenge for individual study

Obedience Challenge is part of the  NewStart family of Discipleship Tools

The Obedience Challenge Church Campaign doesn't just come with the 96-page Challenge Journal & discipleship-focused website. A subscription also covers a suite of discipleship tools for your church, that help come alongside pastors to help teach believers about growing in holiness through providing discipleship resources and tools, including a great Bible reading plan for new Christians.

Learn more about the NewStart Discipleship tools, which works in any size church, by clicking the links above.

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