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Obedience Challenge - Day 38


Welcome to today's Obedience Challenge! We're beginning an epic, 90 day Journey through the Gospels, learning to love and follow Jesus as his disciples.

The Scripture reading for today is: Mark 10

Click HERE to read it in the NIV

Click HERE to read or listen to it in the ESV

Click HERE to read it in the KJV


Today, we're looking at the command of Jesus in Matthew 7:6, “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you." 


What does this mean, and how can we obey this command of Christ? Watch the video from yesterday to learn how you can "not cast your pearls before pigs."

If you want to take action, you need connection -- let your mentor help!

Reach out: Check in... confess something if you need to. (James 5:16) The reason we confess our sins to one another is that “the face of God becomes real in the face of my brother.” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) There’s something about being in Christian community that is a mighty way for the healing, forgiving power of God to enter your life. ~ Darrell

Believing isn't enough - Discipleship is the goal for new Christians. How can we do it effectively?

How small church pastors can do discipleship effectively

NewStart Discipleship is a discipleship strategy that creates a clear pathway toward spiritual maturity. It focuses on development of spiritual disciplines, along with an emphasis on discipleship mentoring, belonging to a spiritual family. Many churches do not have a clear pathway for developing these things in an intentional way. Each tool that is added to the NewStart family of discipling tools continues to create a clear discipleship pathway that lets a busy pastor customize a spiritual growth plan for their believers, that is intentional and yet flexible.

​In 2022, the NewStart Family of tools will add a tool called The Membership Challenge: Moving from Me to We, a 40 day discipleship journey of learning and applying the "one another" commands of the Scripture.

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