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Obedience Challenge - Day 8


Welcome to today's Obedience Challenge! We're taking a 90 day Journey through the Gospels, learning how to love and follow Jesus -- to imitate him!


The Scripture reading for today is: Matthew 8

Click HERE to read it in the NIV

Click HERE to read or listen to it in the ESV

Click HERE to read it in the KJV

Reach out: Take a moment & text your mentor – let them know if you’re moving forward on your “next action,” or ask for prayer! If you’ve struggled, just be honest! The Bible says “if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit
should restore that person gently.” (Galatians 6:1) That’s how it’s supposed to be – let them do it! ~ Darrell

Does your church have a plan that helps disciple new Christians? 

Facebook Cover photo - newStart 2.png

Recently, I asked pastors on my email list this question: “What’s your greatest frustration with your discipleship plan at your church?” The number 1 answer was “I don’t really have a plan for discipling people. It just doesn’t exist.”


Obviously, that’s not a workable solution. What can I suggest in its place? You need a discipleship strategy that is: 

  • Solid, yet flexible

  • Clear, yet robust

  • Thorough, yet not intimidating

NewStart Discipleship provides just such a system for disciple-making. It’s more than series of Bible studies, it’s a clear discipleship pathway that is flexible for churches of all sizes. To get a free copy of the NewStart Discipleship Journal, and learn all the details about how the system works to lift the load of busy pastors, you can click here to get your free sample discipleship materials.

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